I Lived Out of a Backpack for Three Days (OU Interview)

This past weekend I went out to Oklahoma City for my first interview of this application cycle. I had some fun, meet some people, and accrued some more interview tips and ideas. I also lived out of only my backpack because I flew United Basic Economy? Ready to hear all about it? Let’s get started.

A disclaimer right now, since I traveled alone, I’ve mostly got selfies lol. This is me on the plane to Oklahoma.

I came straight to my flight from work. I had to work 7-10 am, which was unfortunate since we didn’t end up getting any samples in the entire time I was at work. I barely made my flight, technically, but I knew I’d be fine. I flew through Denver, and therein learned that Colorado and Oklahoma actually share a border!

When I landed in Oklahoma City, I lyfted right over to the interview dinner. It is super scary to walk into a big group of new people, where you don’t know anyone’s name or who’s a student versus who’s an applicant. I definitely got into my head for a few minutes. But eventually I eased up and felt confident chatting with the other applicants and students. It is nice to get over that scary newness feeling in a casual environment like a dinner.

I stayed that night with two current students, which gave me the chance to find out more about my interviewers (like you’re creepily supposed to) and more about the program.

The weird part of staying with students was that they had to attend the morning interview session. So I saw the opening presentation 2 times. I also got two meals instead of just lunch, so you know, I’ll take double info sessions.


I then hung out around OU Children’s and took this strange picture in my interview outfit. The only non-selfie I could get lol

After a few hours of chilling at OU Children’s and working on my computer, it was time to interview. And guys, it was fun! For anyone out there going through this stage right now, remember to have fun. I loved meeting a bunch of like-minded people, and ya girl finally got to meet a peds oncology GC! It was the interviewer I was most nervous to meet with because I couldn’t find anything about her ahead of time, but my interviewer right before her came in clutch with the “oh you should talk to ____ about peds oncology in the survivorship clinic”.

Overall, I feel things went pretty well! I got to talk a bit about this blog, talk about how I strove to improve throughout undergrad, discuss thesis work, and learn about interesting cases. I am so excited about this program, how it’s inexpensive and the students have everything they need right there in the OUHSC complex (nobody has to move or commute far for rotations). Just in general I love the idea of ending up in a smaller city, where we would have more space and less traffic. There’s truly still a bit of Alabama (or general southern) Girl hidden in me since 2014.

After the interview, I hung out with the students for a bit longer while they finished some work, before heading back to the students’ apartment again. One of the girls I was staying with had to out volunteering that night, but the other one stayed in with me and DoorDashed Chick N Beer. It’s a local wings place in OKC. And we got ROOT BEER flavored wings lol. They did not taste like root beer.

That night was Friday, so I hosted Friday Night Spike with Crisis Text Line from OKC (in central time) and MAN that hour makes a difference when you’re trying to pull an all nighter. My usual hours are 8 pm – 4 am, and doing 9 pm to 5 am because of the time change was brutal. Thank you to anyone who is working for Crisis Text Line from Eastern or Central time.

On Saturday, I chilled for quite a while in the morning because the students slept in and I didn’t want to like slip out of their house and leave it unlocked. When I did get out, I went for lunch and a walk in downtown OKC.

image1 (7)
I liked this gradient skyscraper. Also LMK if this looks like me, because I feel like it looks off lol.

After lunch I lyfted over to the Museum of Osteology, one of the top attractions in Oklahoma City. I loved it! So much SCIENCE! Admittedly, it’s got a bit of a creepy history (Its founder started collection skeletons when he found a dead dog on his property. As a dog lover, I die.) but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the skeletons from all of the creatures, from big boned bois, to tiny shrew and mouse skeletons.image2 (1)


My fave– a fetal skeleton…

image1 (9)


After a few hours exploring bones, I got headed home.

I had so much fun learning about the program and the area! This process is exhausting and most weeks you find yourself just sitting at work, refreshing your email. So, anyone out there headed on interview trips, just have fun! Enjoy the time away from the norm, meeting new like-minded people, getting feed a free lunch, etc. Make friends, chat with students and GCs. Live in the moment. What else can we do? The time on your interview trip isn’t about how many interviews you got and if they were your first choices. It’s about enjoying this step towards your career, whatever it’s like for you.

Let’s pull through this last bit of offer and rejection season together.

-Laura Cooper-Hastings

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  1. lynne urrutia says:

    Hi Laura,
    Love reading your blogs. You are an amazing young woman! I wish you luck with every opportunity you encounter. Love grandma


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