Making Connections From Afar (Bay Path Interview)

Good morning, blog dogs, and holy cow it’s 36 days until Match Day, which seems oddly low compared to the 100 days I feel it just was. We’re getting there.

I said I had a special surprise for this week and I sure did because SURPRISE I decided to fly out east to see Bay Path in-person in Longmeadow. Beautiful pics from my journey there!!

Flying over Connecticut/Massachusetts!












Truly beautiful skies

Just kidding; I did do Zoom. Here’s me taking pics of my computer screen to create this illusion of flying.

I took the pictures through that hole in this baking pan












Like I shared in my digital interviewing tips blog, I really wanted to make Bay Path Interview a special day, even though it might not be the same level of adventure as flying across the country.

There was one definitely similarity to taking a vacation– I started out the day by putting our dog into daycare. Yeah, he’s a loud boi and I would have had to drop like a whole jar of peanut butter for him to keep him from howling from lack of attention over the course of this one hour interview.

After dropping off our boi, I came home to set up my interview space…

It sure is nice to be able to have some notes in a way that’s less obvious and doesn’t cause me to scramble through papers

When we started the video chat there were tons of sound issues but I managed to get them resolved and I felt like a tech genius because of that. (Even though all I had to do was change the source of input).

I met some amazing GCs during this interview day! The BP program is headed by two very experienced GCs from some of the earliest graduating classes. They have seen the progression of the field throughout the last few decades and know where they want to see the profession head in the future. It’s a truly forward-thinking program. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, for sure. Many people choose to apply here for some location flexibility, and that appeals to me too. I just never knew until this interview just how hard the faculty at BP has worked to ensure the full GC school experience, just presented in a new format.

I also decided through this interview that if I go here, we won’t be moving to Connecticut after all. We’re more interested in settling somewhere in the west or south, so my husband and I decided together we would do the BP program from Memphis, Tennessee. A current BP student has done most of the program there and has set the precedent to be able to do it. Last night, that student and I got to chat about the rotation options in Memphis and workplaces available there after graduation, and I’m really liking the idea of it!

After enjoying my wonderful chats with the two GCs, I celebrated the end of interview season with some self-care! As we all know, there’s a mighty good chance I’ll be leaving Salt Lake City for good within the next 8-10 weeks. That means I’ve got to tie up any Salt Lake experiences I’ve been meaning to get to. For me, that means I had to get to Pig in a Jelly Jar.

It’s a southern-fusion brunch place that I’ve had friends recommend and that I’ve seen ads for plastered all over public transit. So obviously, I couldn’t leave without a stop here.

So, it’s apparently out in the boonies of Cottonwood Heights, which I did not realize. But, the surroundings of trees kind of made sense for a southern brunch. I had one of my favorite meal-types, buffalo chicken.

It was pretty good, though a bit pricey! Their bleu cheese sauce was phenomenal though. 🙂


Next on my list is to hit up Spitz Mediterranean Restaurant. I just need an occasion to go there!

After Pig in a Jelly Jar I headed over to pick up Buddy, then my husband from work, and the day returned to a typical day. All in all, it was nice to not end interview day with sleeping in strange places and waking up way too early for a flight.

Next week, I’m going to look back on interview season and talk about how to reflect on interviews and determine rankings. If anyone has ideas of any considerations you should definitely make when ranking, let me know!

Cuz I’m just saying, the campus parking policy can affect your day-to-day life in school more than you might originally consider. 😅

-Laura Cooper-Hastings


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  1. lynne urrutia says:

    Good luck sweetheart! Love grandma


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