The After-Mat(c)h

Well, pretty much everyone knows that I did not match this cycle.

sad monsters inc GIF

But let me say this. I really thought that if I didn’t match, I’d lose my whole following on this blog. People would say “Who wants to listen to her? She’s a multiple-time reject! She’s clearly unqualified!”

Imagine my surprise when I logged into my WordPress account and saw that this week’s viewership is my highest ever! 💜 (Oh no, I’m starting to think like a social media influencer). Thank you to all of you who continue to support me, no matter the outcome; who stop me from believing I’m a defect, a misfit, and unwanted by the field of genetic counseling. Without this kind of support, I would not be able to stick out a third cycle. At this point, there are a few other options on the table besides going a 3rd cycle, so I’m not ready to say yet that that’s the plan. But I know if that does happen, I won’t be judged or alone. There will be other 2nd, 3rd, 4th+ time applicants who are also still trying to make their dreams come true.

This week has been really interesting. Hard, but interesting. Let’s walk through what happened after the email.

First of all, crying. For me and for my friends that also deserved spots and didn’t get them. Then, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout.

Me looking weird af on Guardians ride
This is a face I’ve never made before in my life and I hope I never make again lol. A combination of deep sadness and thrill ride.
Also, kid in the top right looks deeply disturbed by this ride haha.

We then headed through California Adventure to enjoy the newest additions to Pixar Pier like Jessie’s Critter Carousel, Incredicoaster, Jack Jack’s Cookie Num Nums, and Bing Bong’s.


We then hopped over to Disneyland and I got a most interesting email while we were in line for Star Tours.

An interview invite.

confused dogs GIF

Probably about the last email I expected to receive on Match Day.

So long story short, in a controversial move, UW Madison has invited a few people from their interview waitlist to come to Madison and interview for a spot that opened when someone declined their match.

I may not understand all of their reasons for choosing to do things this way, but I’m grateful for it. I’m flying into Milwaukee on May 23rd and taking the Badger Bus over to the campus in Madison. So, weirdly, we’ll be having another one of those interview travel blogs coming up soon here.

Cheese curds will definitely be involved.

It’s a long-shot chance, but it’s one I’m excited to take!

So basically after that email I felt better. I have a shot and something to look forward to! Yes, life is complicated right now. Yes, matching would have made it simpler. But right now all I can do is shoot my shots!

So, that’s one option on the table right now. I am also preparing to apply for my 3rd cycle and overhaul some of my lesser grades. I have back up plans to GC in general, but right now I still feel this is the right field for me. It’s okay to change paths, but for right now I’m staying on this one.

Anyway, we had a nice weekend at Disneyland, where I picked up a tan, lots of treats, some souvenirs, and a rousing case of viral tonsilitis. And now I’m home, taking things one day at a time, being patient with myself, and trying to know that it’s a tough field and I’m not exactly the ideal candidate. It makes sense it’ll take a few tries. It never has to be the end of my dream.

I’m still smiling and I’m still hoping some of you will want to read this blog and find out what happens next. 💕

Til next week, as always!

-Laura Cooper-Hastings

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