The Big Cheesy (Wisconsin Post-Match Interview)

Hello again! Coming at you live from Madison, Wisconsin. (Can a blog ever really be live?) This post is obviously going to be a bit different. Not really much “here’s a cool genetics fact I’ve learned”, more like “I’m here, I’m shooting my shot, this is what’s happening in my life up to the minute.

Thursday morning I got up at 6 am. Not too shabby. Except I also went to bed at 4:30 am after covering Wednesday Night Spike for Crisis Text Line. Exhausting, yes. Worth not being a hot, sleep deprived mess rolling into the Wisconsin interview after an 8 hour Thursday night spike shift? YES.

Me barely making it out of bed and to the car Thursday morning. Cranky, hair a mess, no make up (ok, yeah some random lipstick). Not the look for an interview, but totally fine for a travel day.

And yes hello, travel pillow donut. You’re everything I needed in my life.

So my first flight was to Denver, where basically all flights from SLC go. A stop, some sitting, some delays, more delays, and meanwhile– Torrey the Therapy Dog.

I know Torrey is there to help anxious travelers and I wasn’t anxious so I just gave her a quick pet, hug, and “good girl” but wow 10/10 this trip will be worthwhile just to meet Torrey. And, I mean, just wait until you hear about the dog I met today, Friday!

Torrey’s Business Card

So after Denver we carried on to Milwaukee, where I had dinner at an authentic Wisconsin burger joint, and found this cooler full of fresh cheeses.

After dinner, I caught the Badger Bus westbound to Madison, and rode over here, then Lyfted to the Airbnb, waited for the lovely BT of Discord to arrive, and then finally went to sleep.


Up at 6 am, Zumba video to burn off some spare energy.

Then it was into Madison for the interview.

And overall, it was just a lot of fun! I loved meeting everyone, getting to try again to be the kind of interviewee I’ve been practicing to be, learn about Marshfield track, etc. There were 5 of us interviewing and what I loved about it is knowing that all of us really want and need this position. All of us have been **through the ringer** with applications, interviews, rejection, and then the stress continuing for another month as we prepared for our post-match interview.

Of course I want this position. I love the Wisconsin program, the idea of being the first Marshfield trainee, and of course I want to be a genetic counselor as soon as possible. I will be heartbroken if I don’t get it! But at the same time, I know the other four applicants are feeling the same uncertainty and heartbreak that I’m feeling right now, and if not me, one of them will be magically healed of that this weekend, and I am happy for them.

I talked in my interviews a lot about NICU, Crisis Text Line, and what it was like to be in Brewton, AL like an underserved community healthcare wise. I felt that Marshfield track would be a great educational experience to prepare to me for a rural/distance health career. I’m definitely excited that the interview is for that position.

Cliche, but everyone here has been so kind and open and I’d love to have them as my mentors. I hope whether through acceptance or maybe an interview next year, I will be back in Madison some day and have these folks as my colleagues.

And that’s really all that’s happened, haha! We then ate with the students and toured the buildings and meanwhile the program staff decided who they are taking.


But they’re not going to tell anyone until tomorrow at the earliest, Tuesday at the latest. IDK it almost feels like we could have just finished lunch and then they come back in and be like “the winner is…….”

But nah.

Then BT and me came back to our AirBnB and enjoyed meeting some lovely puppers the owners of our AirBnb own.

Puppy Butts!!!

Whelp, that’s about all I can say for now! I’m having a wonderful time in Madison. Time for cheese curdy dinner! Yay!

Best wishes to me, BT, and the other three!

I’ve Been an Applicant for 626 Days, and No Really, Today Might Be The Last!

-Laura Cooper-Hastings

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