Admitting Some Admissions Goals

Hey again everyone! Man Friday comes around faster when we aren’t waiting for match day.

I’m currently wrapping up my first week at StudyKik and I love it so far! (Words you eat 1 year into your job haha). It’s nice to be patient facing, but also how about being able to have water at my desk?! Can’t do that in a lab! I’m settling in to my work and workspace quite nicely. I’ve even added some dinosaur-themed personal touches.

This blog has been a bit weird lately, no? I really didn’t expect to end up here wondering what the theme of my blog is or who wants to read it. I didn’t think I’d ever be reconsidering what I want to be when I grow up. The first thing I said when I didn’t match this past cycle was “well, I can try again…”

But honestly, at this point; that not where I see myself going. And I thought it’s about time to admit that officially.

I feel I’ve given the effort that I should to genetic counseling. I did everything I knew how to do and I wrote about it for the world to see, lol. And it’s not like I’m feeling like I should give up. It’s more that I feel I have tried that path and realized along the way that maybe it isn’t the best fit for my natural strengths. If I’m thinking that all I know how to do at this point is download a different personality, well maybe I’m trying to go out for something that just doesn’t work.

And that’s why this blog has been weird lately. I mean, that’s the other reason besides the fact that I’m taking 3 accelerated online courses while working full time and being CTL Spike Captain. Lol.

Adulting chaos ensues.

And why am I taking a bunch of online courses? Because I’ve decided it’s not too late to find a better fit for me. I just have to take anatomy, microbiology, and developmental psych to get there.

I’m shooting to go to nursing school this January. 😀

I still love genetics and I still have my genetics undergrad degree, but I’ll be honest, I don’t see this as a temporary stepping stone to genetic counseling. I have figured out that my brain is not built to sit down and have 8 one-hour-long conversations with patients. My strengths are multitasking, thinking fast, problem-solving, and connecting with kiddos. I am not good at sitting still. I’m often better with actions than verbalizing words. And that is OK.

I want this blog to be a space where prospective GC applicants can come get candid advice about the process, from someone who really struggled through it. And those blog posts will always be around! But I never want this to be the place where we decide that no career but GC is worthwhile. That we should run ourselves into the ground trying to achieve GC school admission and nothing else.

On this blog, we support all goals and dreams. 🥰

So I think mine right now is to be admitted to nursing school. I’m trying for Creighton University 1 year accelerated BSN, since it’s quick and right here in Phoenix. If that doesn’t pan out, maybe we’ll regroup and decide what other programs might be of interest. Or maybe I land back at GC. That’s ok too.

But right now I think I want to be a nurse practitioner eventually. Some specialties I’m interested in are pediatrics, OBGYN, surgery/anesthesia, and genetics of course! Kind of all over the place! They’re all specialties that I’ve experienced as a patient (or shadow) and in which I feel I could provide great empathy to my patients in the future.

But I’m excited to explore it! The best time to start down my ultimate career path was 18 years old, but I was far too busy like…….. God knows what I was doing tbh, it was a weird time. 😂 The 2nd best time to start a new career path is right now!

Do any of you have atypical paths to the career you’re pursuing now? We should do a collab blog post about it.

Whatever you’re doing and whoever you are– be proud! There’s no one path to success in life. I’m here to be Exhibit A.

-Laura Cooper-Hastings ❤️

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